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Wireless Infrastructure

Site Support Structure

Self-Supported Tower


The self-supporting tower series features light weight, low installation cost, short installation period, and can effectively reduce installation costs. The tower family design makes it easy to modify and adjust the height requirement. The same tower section, cut from the same parent tower, is fully universal in different tower types, meeting customers' requirements of different heights, different wind pressures, and different antenna quantities.


ZTE monopole tower series are designed based on the tower family design, and can be easily modified and adjusted. Accessories can be configured flexibly to meet various environment requirements and meet different bearing capability requirements. The general and modular design of monopole can meet customers' requirements with different heights, different wind pressure, and different antenna quantity.

Rooftop pole

ZTE rooftop pole series can meet the requirements of different wind speeds, different antenna loads, and can be installed in various ways in various rooftop scenarios. ZTE rooftop pole series use standard design such as 2m standard tower section and universality accessories,all these makes rooftop pole easy transportation and installation.

Guyed Mast Tower

The GMT series are designed based on the latest design specifications and various requirements and are applicable to various communication scenarios. The general tower section is used to facilitate production, management, installation, and delivery. The fixing position of lug can be flexibly adjusted in accordance with the on-site design to reduce the weight of the tower body.