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Wireless Infrastructure

ZTE IAP (Infrastructure Auxiliary Product) has always adhered to the vision of Telecom Supporting Expert,Innovation Steering Pioneer,and its leading competitive products include Full Series of Telecom Towers,Camouflage Towers, Standard Shelters,Diet Shelters,Precision/Ordinary Air Conditioner.With the rise of global 5G mass construction, more innovative solutions are launched by ZTE IAP aiming at customers’ concerns on 5G site acquisition, flexible antenna installation, fast&easy deployment, energy saving and environment harmony, among which All-in-one Monopole, Rural Pole,Smart Lamp Pole,Roof/Pole-top Camouflage Solution,Parapet Mounted Pole Solution,Magic Box Solution, 5G Ingenious Site Solution,Centralized BBU Heat Dissipation Solution are the most recommended to the market.