Container Shelter

  • Introduction 
    To provide flexible and seamless network service, telecom operators have to make their best to deploy mobile network as fast as possible in some special scenarios, such as network reconstruction after disaster or temporary expansion at hot spot. How to deploy network elements fast is always meaningful for the operators.
    ZXCAB container shelter is such a product designed for emergency or fast network deploy project. It is known that container is supposed to be excellent enclosure because of its high strength and standard dimension for transport. ZTE experienced engineers exploited its advantages, and created the container shelter product. 

    ●Fast deployment
    ●Easy to transport
    ●High strength structure
    ●Guard against burglary
    ●Multi-function integrated

    Product Series

    Product Series

    External Dimension(L*W*H)

    Internal Dimension(L*W*H)

    ZXCAB container shelter 10 ft

    2.991*2.438 * 2.591(m)


    ZXCAB container shelter 20 ft

    6.058 * 2.438 * 2.591(m)


    ZXCAB container shelter 40 ft GP

    12.192 * 2.438 * 2.591(m)


    ZXCAB container shelter 40 ft HQ

    12.192 * 2.438 * 2.896(m)


    Technical Data

    Container shelter series

    Working Temperature


    Survive wind speed

    40m/s (60m/s gust wind)

    Roof load


    Floor load


    Seismic Fortification Intensity

    Up to 9 intensity

    Lightning protection

    Class C

    Application Scenario


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