ZTE UniPOS NetMAX - Network Optimization Expert System

  • With the increasing mobile market competition, new Operation and Maintenance (O&M) challenges emerge, such as how to reduce subscriber churn rates, how to improve subscriber perception, and how to increase Average Revenue Per User (ARPU). Traditional network optimization methods (for example, DT/CQT) only focus on dots and lines, instead of evaluating subscriber perception in the entire network, especially indoor subscribers whose services account for more than 60% of total network services. As vehicle, fuel, and labor costs increase, DT/CQT costs gradually increase year over year. KPI-based network optimization focuses on NE indexes and performance, instead of really reflecting subscriber perception. Although KPIs are improved, network operators encounter the following common problems:

    •  Subscriber satisfaction decreases year over year.
    • Subscriber churn rate increases.
    • There is inconsistency between KPIs and subscriber perception.
    • UEs become problematic.
    • The customer complaint handling procedure is slow.
    • There are no methods for eliminating certain engineering problems.

    To help network operators solve the above problems during maintenance and optimization, ZTE has invested heavily in the R&D of foreground systems, background systems, and network optimization tools. ZTE has developed UniPOS NETMAX for intelligent network optimization solutions based on subscriber perception.

    As a network optimization expert system, ZTE UniPOS NetMAX provides MR/CDT-based wireless network analysis and optimization methods, obtains data from all CDRs and measurement results reported by cells and UEs, so it is also known as a drive test available for any users. ZTE UniPOS NetMAX is characterized by focusing on subscriber perception, providing a large amount of data, comprehensive and accurate statistics, ease of data retrieval, real-time network problem identification, and per-subscriber analysis. Therefore, it can evaluate network quality in a more comprehensive and accurate manner.

    NetMAX products can be used in many systems, such as LTE, GSM, UMTS, and TD-SCDMA. They can be used to rapidly locate existing network problems, greatly increase optimization and analysis efficiency (such as TOP problem handling, VIP subscribers’ guarantee, and complaint handling and analysis), analyze subscriber perception, and generate network evaluation and analysis reports. In addition, they provide conveniences for subsequent product customization.

    In the past many years, the NetMAX wireless network optimization tool was widely used by many network operators in China and abroad, solved problems on a one-by-one basis, and improved network quality. It has gained acceptance from many network operators.


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