• The rapid increase of 4G subscribers brings huge challenges to wireless network: On one side, is the continuous growing demand of user experience and data traffic, on the other side, is the limited spectrum resources.
  • With the rapid growth of smartphone, it is estimated that mobile subscribers will reach 8 billion by 2019, data traffic will increase by 10 times, with more than 60% coming from video service.
    Based on LTE network, eMBMS is able to provide "single point to multiple points" multimedia sending mechanism, as well as "Send Once, Charge May Times" operation mechanism. The resource consumption is unrelated to subscriber growth, which provides a fundamental method to save limited LTE spectrum resources and relieve wireless network capacity bottleneck. 
    ZTE is one of the few vendors who can provide comprehensive end-to-end eMBMS solution. ZTE can help operators to provide unlimited high-quality data service, especially high-definition video service, with limited spectrum resources. User experience will not be limited by radio resources and user number growth, spectrum efficiency will be improved significantly. Apart from fundamental broadcasting services, ZTE eMBMS also supports the following efficient resource management services, which brings more strengths to eMBMS capacity advantage.
    • Count Function:Convenient for operators to count users who are receiving or interested to receive related services, provides accurate data analysis for eMBMS operation;
    • Dynamic Resource Allocation:The system can switch on and off broadcasting service flexibly according to the number of users, thus improve spectrum utilization. When the number of eMBMS users is small, network automatically switches eMBMS service to single broadcasting service, providing users with higher quality single broadcasting service; when the number of eMBMS user is large, network automatically shifts part of the single broadcasting services to multiple broadcasting services, to provide high quality video services for more users, significantly improves spectrum utilization.
     Customer Values
     Open Source

    With instantaneous and low cost advantages, eMBMS can help operators develop new services conveniently, especially for video services, such as live sports broadcasting, live concert broadcasting, etc, which provides operators new operation modes and revenue sources to increase ARPU and operation profits.

     Resource Saving

    eMBMS provides high definition video services to unlimited users with limited spectrum resources, significantly saves air resource and cost, operators no need to worry about network congestion and overloading, user experience does not worsen with increasing users, hence guarantees excellent user experience.

    Quick Deployment

    ZTE provides end-to end eMBMS solution including terminals, access network, transmission network, core network and applications, which helps operators quickly build and commercialize eMBMS service, significantly reduces time to market, and improves market competitiveness rapidly.

     Success Cases

    ZTE has provided end-to-end eMBMS solution to operators including China Telecom, Indonesia Smartfren, Japan Softbank, Georgia Silknet, etc.


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