X-Site Solution – the Perfect Option for Site MIMO Evolution

  • All operators are facing the same challenges while evolving from UMTS/ LTE to higher-order MIMO LTE: Enhance both UMTS and LTE network capacity, get ready for 4x4 MIMO LTE timely and effectively, and do not waste investment. Current solutions in the market often have very limited flexibility in terms of network evolution, and cannot protect previous investment.
  • First of all, current antennas have limited ports available for low bands such as 1.8GHz and 2.1GHz. Combiners are then often required for multi-band site, which complicates installation and maintenance, and increases cost. Secondly, as common capacity enhancement solution, horizontal sector split also has obvious downsides: require new networking planning; long time to the market; investment on six-sector antennas will be wasted when changing to three-sector LTE.

    X-Site solution can address all these issues, not only to enhance today’s network capacity, but to make much easier deployment and to save the cost and protect the investment.


    Key Technologies

    RRU Cascading

    X-Site RRU Cascading is using X-Site RRU that has internal combiner to support cascading other RRUs with different band(s), so as to enable multi-band with reusing existing two-port or four-port antennas. This saves costs of expensive external combiners and makes installation and maintenance much easier. The cascading is also hugely flexible in terms of scenarios.

    Vertical Sector Split

    Four-port dual-RET antenna can be set into two parts with different tilt to form two sectors. X-Site Offers similar capacity gain as of the horizontal solutions with only a small gap; it does not need network planning and new antennas; it can be deployed literally overnight. Meanwhile, X-Site integrates effective solutions for 2G/3G/4G respectively to mitigate the new interference introduced to a comfortably acceptable level.


    Self-Adaptive Antenna

    Self-adaptive antenna can switch almost instantly between three-sector mode and six-sector mode by adjusting lobe width, enabling operators evolve to future 4x4 MIMO network without wasting any investment. By pure software mechanism from network management system to detect whether network conditions has met given criteria (like penetration rate of 4x4 MIMO UEs), operators can switch from current network to the next step very easily.


    Customer Values

    Increase Capacity, Fast Deployment, Cost Saving

    Vertical Sector Split improves network capacity without new network planning and deploying new antennas; RRU cascading saves external combiners; The solution is fast deployed, easy maintained and cost saving.

    Support Smooth Evolution, Protect Investment

    Self-Adaptive Antenna supports instant switch between six-sector and three-sector, supports smooth evolution from six-sector to future 3-sector with 4*4 MIMO without wasting current investment.


    Success Cases

    X-Site has been already put to trial for some customers. A leading operator in Indonesia is among the first ones. One trial at the operator’s network focusing mainly on UMTS showed great improvement in terms of on system capacity by as many as 33% gain in voice, and 32% gain and 44% gain in data (HSDPA and HSUPA respectively).


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