• Through network sharing, operators can achieve technical exchanges, make the best of both networks, hence improve network competitiveness.
  • Information globalization has become a trend, the network sharing or purchasing between operators is inevitable. In international market, because of financial and trade pressures, the network sharing and purchasing occurred frequently in the European these years; in domestic market, if there is no strong capital supported, network construction and user growth is difficult while 4G comes just after 3G in 5 years. Through network sharing, it will save the rental and number of sites dramatically and obtain additional revenue to the operators. It can be predicted that inter operator network sharing and purchasing will continue in the future.



    Customer Values

    Reduce Network Operation Cost

    The solution not only supports BBU sharing, but also supports RRU sharing, which saves 8% additional site cost.

    Facilitate Network Complementation

    Each operator has stand-alone logic network, in certain areas, technology communications can be achieved among operators through network technologies, thus improve network competitiveness.  


    Quick Network Deployment

    The solution supports deep modernization of multiple multi-band multi-mode networks, supports quick network deployment, improves user experience, and supports future evolution.  



    Key Technologies

    All hardware platform supports RAN-Sharing

    All ZTE hardware platform supports RAN-Sharing among operators, especially for Active RAN-Sharing solution. Single wireless access network supports RAN-Sharing among up to 4 operators.

    GUL RAN-Sharing Software Solution

    Wireless resources, including control and user resources in controller, transmission resources, and all resources within base station can be flexibly shared and allocated through software configuration.


    Success Cases

    Austria H3G and T-Mobile finished MOCN RAN-Sharing modernization for nearly 10,000 sites within 5 weeks, and sustained No.1 in local network ranking test.


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