Qcell Future-Oriented Indoor MBB Solution

  • Qcell solution is the ZTE multi-mode multi-band Indoor coverage solution.

  • Compared with the traditional Distributed Antenna System (DAS) , Qcell solution makes a significant breakthrough, which uses Ethernet cable to replace feeder and supports 2G/3G/4G multi-mode and multi-band simultaneously. And the enhanced version Qcell Plus, which integrates the WiFi module, supports LWA/LAA evolution and introduces indoor positioning and traffic offload these new services to indoor scenarios, has been the super engine for indoor speed service in the 4G era.

    Figure 1, Qcell Networking Topology

    ZTE Qcell Solution mainly consists of Base Band Unit(BBU), remote aggregation unit ( pBridge), pico Remote Radio Unit(pRRU) and Multiple Access Unit(MAU,optional). The pRRU with embedded antenna or external antenna supports plug & play, and supports quad-band and triple-mode operation. With POE technology, only 1 Ethernet cable is needed to provide power and transmission for pRRU from P-Bridge while fiber is connecting p-Bridge to BBU. This simplified architecture effectively reduces construction difficulty and cost, and can save 60% deployment time. Additionally the MAU module can transform other vendors’ existing signaling and transmits it by pRRUs, so to protect operator’s existing investment.

    Qcell has strong evolution capability and new service extension capability, Qcell Plus, integrated with WiFi module, supports LWA( LTE and WLAN Aggregation) and support LAA (LTE Assisted Access), so to construct the unified LTE network on both licensed and unlicensed spectrum together with WIFI coverage, which provides superior experience to end users. And, Qcell solution supports indoor positioning, which enables the positioning service in indoor scenarios, and supports indoor traffic offload, with this function, the private value added services can be offloaded from a dedicated express path to the specified intranet, and no need to go through transmission and core network, thereby improving service experience, and enabling new value added services.

    Since launched, Qcell has received mass attention and wide acceptance. So far, Qcell has commercial deployment in 30+ provinces/districts in China, constructed excellent MBB networks in difference scenarios, including railway stations, stadiums, shopping malls, stadiums, CBD office, luxury hotels, college dormitories and etc. and has wide cooperation and deployment with lots of international operators. In addition, Qcell solution has received wide recognition and awards. In May 2015, ZTE and China Telecom jointly won the “Wireless Network Infrastructure Innovation” award at the Global Telecoms Business (GTB) Innovation Awards 2015. In June 2015, ZTE won the “Best Innovation in Heterogeneous Networks”award with its Qcell digital indoor coverage solution at the LTE World Summit 2015 organized by Informa in Amsterdam. In Dec 2015 in Singapore, ZTE won the “Small Cell Innovation of the Year” award from industry publication Telecom Asia with its Qcell solution. 

    Solution Highlights 
    Multi-mode Multi-Band design, WiFi integrated, LAA /LWA supported 
    Small Size, Large Capacity
    Plug and Play, easy engineering, quick deployment
    Unified O&M, visible and easy management, flexibility for remote configuration and capacity adjustment
    Supporting of Indoor positioning and indoor traffic offload


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