Pre5G Massive MIMO 2.0 Base Station

  • In 2016, ZTE released Pre5G Massive MIMO 2.0 Product. The most important technology breakthrough is the first FDD-LTE Massive MIMO product in the world, plus the new generation of TDD-LTE Massive MIMO with better performance and better capabilities.

     FDD-LTE Massive MIMO Product

    TDD MM large scale commercialization helps to accumulate large amounts of Massive MIMO transmission feature data, together with patented algorithm, ZTE realized FDD macroscopic reciprocity which is a great solution to the world-class problem of FDD. The powerful processing capability of ZTE’s self-developed vector processing chips help track users in a highly efficient way for beam tracking and beam forming, achieving user and cell throughput as high as 8 times compared to 4G.

    FDD Massive MIMO core values include: 

    1. Improve existing site capacity, more than three times capacity gain can be expected in commercial network; 

    2. Fully compatible with existing LTE terminals; 

    3. Use the AAU/BBU separation design, without change of existing site structure, easy to deploy. And ZTE was the world's first to complete commercial test for FDD Massive MIMO .

    TDD-LTE Massive MIMO 2.0 Product

    1. Supports main TDD frequency bands; 
    2. Smaller size, BBU+AAU integrated, more suitable for 5G evolution; 
    3. Support 16-stream spatial multiplexing and multi-carrier aggregation (CA) to meet operators' demands for large capacity, opening a new Gbps era; 
    4. 6~8 times improvement in spectrum efficiency; 
    5. Compatible with R8/R9 terminals; 
    6. Suitable for different scenarios: High buildings, highly-dense areas and the last mile access; 
    7. Seamless coverage: Accurate UE tracing and great enhancement in both cell-edge and uplink coverage due to the 3D Beam-forming

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