• With 5G approaching, mobile broadband applications, especially online video applications develops quickly, which brings huge challenges to operator network evolution. Therefore how to improve capacity with current limited spectrum resources to support high throughput applications becomes a vital task for operators. In addition, with the rapid urbanization development, insufficient signal coverage in high-rise buildings also becomes another common problem affecting network quality.
  • Traditional coverage solutions have common problems:
    1. For buildings above 10 levels, hard to deploy indoor coverage solution, therefore difficult to improve coverage and capacity
    2. Mobile data explosion, while new site acquisition is hard and costs much
    3. Limited uplink capacity and coverage

    ZTE innovative Massive MIMO solution, can provide up to 8 times capacity boost with current spectrum resources, significantly improves network performance.

    Key Technologies 

    FDD Massive MIMO

    TDD Massive MIMO 2.0

    1. Technology Breakthrough: Patent lobe algorithm, improves capacity and coverage
    2. Efficient Solution: Large antenna array and high site integration, significantly improves capacity
    3. Abundant Scenarios: 3D-MIMO, all-dimensional coverage, suitable for more scenarios
    4. Smooth Evolution: Compatible with existing R8 & R9 terminals, no need to wait for 5G
    5. Cost Effective: Integrated antenna and RRU design, fast deployment

    1. Support abundant bands, including all mainstream TDD band
    2. Smaller in size, supports BBU+AAU structure, suitable for 5G evolution
    3. Supports multi-carrier CA, fulfills operators’ capacity requirements
    4. Multi-stream transmission, single site capacity reaches Gbps level
    5. Comprehensive improvement in capacity, efficiency, flexibility and cost saving

    Product Evolution 

    Massive MIMO 1.0: Leading the Industry
    ZTE as the first in industry released innovative TDD Massive MIMO solution in 2014, followed by commercial deployment in global Tier-1 operators. The solution won abundant awards, including “Best Mobile Technology Breakthrough” and “CTO’s Choice” awards in Mobile World Congress 2016.

    Massive MIMO 2.0: Keep Technology Breakthrough
    With continuous innovation, in 2017, ZTE released Pre5G Massive MIMO 2.0 solution, including industry’s first FDD based Massive MIMO solution, plus TDD Massive MIMO 2.0 solution.
    FDD Massive MIMO solution: With leading technologies and rich experiences, ZTE breakthrough FDD technology bottleneck, solves operators’ capacity and site limitation problem before 5G era, with existing spectrum resources, site and terminals, achieves significant network capacity and speed improvement compared to 4G.
    TDD Massive MIMO 2.0 Solution: After large TDD Massive MIMO 1.0 large scale deployment and multiple awards winning, ZTE released TDD Massive MIMO 2.0 solution, achieves Gbps level for single site. So far, the solution has been deployed in China and Japan.

    Market Progress 

    China Mobile China Telecom China Unicom

    3,000+ TDD Massive MIMO sites have been deployed. In Quanzhou Branch, with 16 commercial terminals connected, single carrier reaches 730Mbps downlink speed, 3CA reaches 2.1Gbps, breaking field test records. In Jinlin Province international marathon, ZTE Massive MIMO solution provides all the way 4G live broadcast. With more than 50,000 on site audience, more than 517GB throughput consumed, which is 757% increase compared to normal traffic. In this, ZTE Massive MIMO sites absorbs 57% traffic, singe cell maximum user exceeds 1000. 

    In February 2017, ZTE together with China Telecom started FDD Massive MIMO field test in Sichuan Province, Chengdu City, and launched commercial sites in H2 2017. Sites are located in hot spot areas including CBD, university campus, etc, achieves 100% live network capacity boost, user experiences significantly improved. 

    In December 2016, ZTE together with China Unicom completed world’s first FDD Massive MIMO pre-commercial field test in Fujian Province, with 20MHz bandwidth in 1.8GHz, network capacity improved by three times. In June 2017, China Unicom completed 3D-MIMO verification, with 20MHz bandwidth, completed 12 streams tests with 6 terminals, single user reaches 120Mbps, cell peak throughput reaches 710Mbps, network capacity improved by nearly 5 times compared to traditional macro base station. 

    Belgium Telenet

    Japan Softbank

    Australia Telstra

    Indonesia Telkomsel

    In October 2017, ZTE together with Belgium Telenet completed Europe’s forst FDD Massive MIMO field test, 6 terminals reaches 710Mbps cell peak throughput, spectrum efficiency improved by 3.3 times.

    600+ TDD Massive MIMO sites have been deployed. In September 2017, completed 24 streams verification in commercial network, with 20MHz bandwidth achieves 956Mbps. In December, deployed TDD Massive MIMO 2.0 in Japan Softbank YD Stadium, downlink throughput improved by 451.5%, average uplink throughput increased by 42.88%.

    In October 2017, ZTE together with Australia Telstra completed comprehensive FDD Massive MIMO field test, reaches 560Mbps with 15MHz bandwidth. ZTE also became the first vendor to complete TM3 & TM9 combined test, single cell reaches 360Mbps.。
    In May 2017, ZTE together with Indonesia Telkomsel completed Indonesia’s first FDD Massive MIMO field test in Makassar, capital of Sulawesi Province, spectrum efficiency improved by three times.


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