Magic Radio Pro, a New Chapter in Spectrum Utilization Improvement

  • ZTE proposes Magic Radio Pro solution to operators with more flexible spectrum scheduling capabilities in an innovative method, which can improve spectrum utilization in multi-mode network and differentiated scenarios, meanwhile it meets flexible scheduling demand of multi-service access and smooth evolution to 5G network. A new chapter on spectrum utilization improvement has been unveiled to reduce operators' CAPEX and OPEX.
  • The mobile communication industry has already stepped into post-4G era. Operators have to efficiently utilize existing spectrum resources to provide users with higher-speed, larger-bandwidth mobile communication experiences; meanwhile operators need to implement multi-service access on existing networks such as NB-IoT in a simple and convenient way with the trend of interconnection and IoT; in addition, mobile communication speeds into the fast lane of 5G evolution, which requires operators take 4G network modernization, upgrade and future-oriented evolution ability to 5G network into consideration at the same time. ZTE Magic Radio Pro solution, provides more flexible spectrum scheduling capabilities modes for operators in multi-mode network, fully realizes spectrum utilization improvement in differentiated scenarios, effectively improves user experience for multi-service applications, smoothly evolves towards 5G networks.
     Spectrum Sharing for Differentiated Scenarios

    GSM/LTE Spectrum Sharing 

    The capability of GSM/LTE spectrum scheduling and sharing on a more granular level, which enables a more flexible way to achieve stepless shift sharing between the two modes, meets complex business requirements of network re-farming, and maximizes spectrum utilization.

    LTE Bandwidth Tailoring 

    The capability of flexible LTE bandwidth customization, which makes it possible to deploy LTE with fragmented non-standard spectrum bandwidth, realizes resource utilization maximum efficiency.

    GSM/UMTS Spectrum Sharing 

    The capability of dynamic GSM/UMTS spectrum sharing, which enables GSM/UMTS network deployment in 5MHz bandwidth, improves spectrum efficiency on the premise of maintaining GSM and UMTS network coverage.




    UMTS/LTE Spectrum Sharing

    The capability of UMTS/LTE spectrum sharing in a variety of forms, which dynamically provides larger bandwidth service and higher data rate experience for users according to the UMTS network traffic changes.

    NB-IoT Spectrum Sharing

    The capability of NB-IoT spectrum sharing, which introduces spectrum sharing between NB-IoT and other modes as the first vendor in industry, realizes breakthrough in the white space of NB-IoT spectrum sharing, and reduces the difficulty of IoT deployment in existing networks.

    5G Smooth Evolution

    The capability of smoothly evolving towards 5G network, which implements LTE radio resources allocation on demand and dynamic spectrum sharing on the basis of actual traffic load of 4G and 5G, achieves smooth evolution from 4G to 5G network, protects investment for operators.
     Customer Values

    ZTE’s Magic Radio Pro solution provides flexible radio resources scheduling capability for operators according to differentiated spectrum re-farming scenarios, promotes service experience for 4G network users by using existing spectrum resources, improves spectrum utilization and achieves smooth evolution between different modes.
    ZTE proposes NB-IoT spectrum sharing solution as the first vendor in industry which achieves flexible NB-IoT deployment of multiple carriers, maximizes resource utilization for operators. Smooth spectrum evolution to 5G network is supported and the investment in the post-4G era of operators is protected and future-oriented.  

     Success Cases

    Magic Raido Solution has been commercially launched in more than 20 network worldwide with over 20,000 stations scale, including China Mobile, Indonesia Telkomsel, South Africa MTN and so forth, all these cases have achieved spectrum efficiency and network performance improvement by activating GSM/LTE spectrum sharing. Once the upgraded Magic Radio Pro solution was proposed, it has been pre-commercially verified in several operators’ networks and will be further deployed in a wider range globally in the near future. 


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