• LTE 6-sector solution extends single site sector number from three to six instead of adding sites to enlarge capacity and coverage, while conventional 3-sector fails to satisfy service requirement (capacity and coverage).
  • With the rapid progress of Mobile Broadband (MBB) and booming of subscribers, operators are imperative to enlarge network capacity, especially in high traffic urban hot spots. Traditional solution such as enhanced power solution and high gain antenna solution only improves limited network coverage, and it’s hard for operators to improve the network coverage by adding new sites or spectrum.
    ZTE proposes innovative LTE 6-sector Solution for high traffic urban hot spots, ensuring user experience. The solution uses special splitting antenna, achieving two different directions’ beam in one antenna cap and finally fulfilling 6-sector, reducing antenna challenges. Meanwhile, together with SuperCell, SDMA and D-MIMO, cell interference is avoided.

    Application Scenarios

     UL Co-Site Co-Antenna&Feeder 6-Sector

    If UMTS adpots 6-Sector, for UL co-site co-antenna& feeder case, LTE has to be changed into 6-sector, which results in interference and handover problems. SuperCell can alleviate interference and bring certain gains.

     LTE Self-Demand 6-Sector

    If LTE itself requires more capacity, according to detailed site address acquisition, the 6-sector has to be adopted together with supercell+SDMA+D-MIMO as per the actual network conditions.

    Customer Values

     Effective Spectrum Usage

    Under the no spectrum adding case, 6-sector solution extends the original sector, helping operators to maximally utilize the existing spectrum resources, therefore enhancing the spectrum efficiency over 50%.

     Effective Capacity Enhancement

    6-sector enlarges coverage area by over 20%, decreasing weak coverage ratio by over 30%. Single site average throughput gain hits 60% and edge user throughput lifted by up to 60%.

     Effective Interference Avoidance

    SuperCell is introduced to resolve interference problems caused by 6-sector. SDMA and D-MIMO are adopted at the same time to ensure the certain system capacity gain.

    Success Cases

    LTE 6-sector solution now has already been commercially applied in Thailand, Indonesia, Nigeria, Myanmar, etc.


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