Innovative RRUs for Diversified Scenarios

  • Distributed base station adopts the structure of separated baseband unit (BBU) and remote radio unit (RRU), which not only facilitates flexible deployment and decreases the construction cost, but also saves feeder loss and enhances network coverage. It is widely accepted by operators around the world. Therefore, RRUs with different features are customized for all kinds of scenarios such as high output power, ultra broadband, high integration, multi-PA etc.

    High Output Power Ultra Broadband RRU (UBR): As the first UBR product in the industry, each RF channel of the ZTE UBR product supports an ultra broadband spanning across dual bands. One UBR supports multi-band and multi-mode networks. The network which previously required at least two RRUs per sector can now be replaced by one UBR product per sector. RRUs and feeders are cut by 50%.

    Large Capacity High Maturity 8T8R RRU: As the first ultra broadband 8T8R RRU product in the industry, it provides large capacity and long-distance coverage with transmission power of 8*20W, as well as the ability to support 4 carriers. Being commercially mature, its good performance has also been validated in existing network. Its total shipment ranks first in China Mobile’s 8T8R RRUs.

    Ultra Broadband High Power 4T4R RRU: As the first ultra broadband high power 4T4R RRU product in the industry, it has four key highlights as follows:

    Ultra broadband: Supports up to 160MHz IBW. One RRU can cover the whole bandwidth.

    High power: Power of single channel reaches 40W, greatly reducing the CAPEX.

    Multi-carrier: Supports multi-mode/frequency network, four carriers and multi-carrier aggregation.

    Flexible split: Supports a RRU being split into two 2T2R units, convenient and flexible deployment.

    Cost-Effective 3T6R RRU: One 3T6R RRU supports GU dual-mode in 3 sectors. Dual-RRU combination supports LTE 2x2MIMO in 3 sectors, decreasing the evolution cost and protecting the existing investment. Compared to the traditional solution, the number of RRUs drops and the load requirement is lowered down, which enables fast installation and saves roof resources. In addition, 3T6R RRU adopts natural heat dissipation, eliminating the noise trouble.

    High Power Wide Coverage 2T2R RRU: The 2T2R RRU has the highest transmission power among 2T2R products in the industry and supports 2x2 MIMO multi-carrier aggregation, effectively enhancing network capacity and coverage. Its compact design and diversified installation methods facilitates the fast deployment in different scenarios.

    High integration iMacro (AAU): An active antenna unit (AAU) is the integration of the traditional RRU and the antenna. The integrated architecture of the AAU achieves less feeder loss, which enhances the coverage. ZTE AAU product uses the ultra broadband technology to meet the multi-band and multi-mode network construction requirements. It requires less space and is easy to be hidden from sight, which makes site acquisition and rapid deployment easier.


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