NetNumen U31 Network Management Solution

  • As the rapid development of mobile internet services and higher needs of bandwidth, multi-band, multi-RAT and three-dimensional coverage network has become an inevitable choice for many operators. As we know, which also brings new challenges of network management and network operation and maintenance. How to achieve efficient management of the network, has become a major task for operators.

    ZTE NetNumen U31 solution adopts advanced and mature architecture which is fully TMN and 3GPP compliant. It is an integrated user oriented network management system based on unified J2EE platform,  providing abundant  functions such as  data configuration,  performance data collecting, alarms analysis, northbound interfaces, log records, signal trace to assist  the  network launch,  maintenance and optimization.


    Support multiple platform of HW&SW, flexible deploying.

    Simultaneously supporting 2G/3G/4G, can be smoothly expanded for large-scale network.

    Comprehensive data collection and analysis, comprehensive network monitoring and precise trouble positioning.

    Intelligent and effective management, promote network values and reduce the OPEX.


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