ZXUR9000 Next Generation——Virtualized Radio Controller

  • In the system of Cloud NF, Virtualized Radio Controller and Core Network is included. Virtualized Radio Controller: 2G BSC, 3G RNC, small cell access gateway (Femto GW), Security Gateway (SeGW), and the intelligent coordination control unit (vICS) supporting cross-layer intelligent coordination and control of multi-technology resources.

    When it upgrades from ZXUR9000 to Virtualized Radio Controller, Cloud NF can be flexibly deployed to satisfy a network operator’s network scale and coverage requirements, and unified resource management allows resources to be better adapted with respect to their geographical distribution and the characteristics of the mobile network. The following benefits can be brought for operators:

    Common Hardware Platform
    It uses an industry-leading common hardware platform which has distinct advantages in terms of scalability, flexibility, evolution capability.
    The common hardware platform adopts the latest hardware technologies and helps network operators benefit from the latest developments in the IT industry.
    Virtual Network Function
    Virtualization technology decouples hardware from software and makes software deployment more convenient.
    It provides an automatic and quick deployment feature for mobile network equipment to reduce the commissioning cost.
    It also provides a quick software version switching feature to reduce potential risks in the upgrade of network equipment, and thus improves network stability.
    Automatic Operation and Maintenance
    The system itself can complete hardware (boards and shelves) and software installations as well as service configurations.
    Automatic installation and configuration not only reduces the workload of operation and maintenance but also greatly improves the deployment speed and quality.
    The advantages are obvious in plug-and-play and on-demand elastic capacity scenarios.

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