UMTS UL Capacity Inmprovement

  • How to boost uplink capacity has become a challenge and a big issue today for UMTS operators with the phenomenal soaring uplink traffic caused by MBB subscriber increase and individual and enterprise user behavior changes.
  • In this rapidly changing mobile internet world, MBB subscriber keeps ramping up, user behavior has changed tremendously. Social network, we media, mobile game, etc. are very popular. People are becoming more and more attracted to video and photo sharing which causes remarkable increase of uplink traffic. Enterprise users also contribute to the increase, such as the great video surveillance demand from global security concern. And mobile cellular system is the first choice because of its advancement, maturity and reliability, especially in those scenarios wired bearer network hard to be deployed.


    Key Technologies

    Multi-Sector Deployment

    ZTE cell splitting solution maximizes the single site capability, splits three sectors to six, improves capacity by 70%, and saves money, shortens deployment period. For sites with urgent capacity demand, ZTE even provides up to nine sectors split solution.

    Increase Site Density

    ZTE Small Cell solution enlarges coverage in depth and breadth, tackling capacity deficiency in hot spot, weak or even blind coverage area, with advantages of easier site selection, flexible deployment of transmission and power supply, shorter deployment period and lower cost. ZTE also provides AAU/AAS product which improves uplink capacity with high performance and low cost.

    Innovative Features

    ZTE innovative features improves uplink capacity by 20% without adding hardware. Power control features adapt to network capacity and user priority, quickly and accurately control transmission power. Interference cancellation features adopt advanced receiver and cooperating receiving technology, handle different types of channel interference. For power efficiency, multi antenna receiving technology is used.


    Customer Values

    In the fast changing mobile internet world, facing the rapid growth of mobile data and monetization of traffic, user experience has become the key to increase income for mobile operators. The better user experience means the greater competitive advantage. ZTE innovative, high efficient and low cost uplink capacity improvement solution provides magnificent uplink experience for individual and enterprise users, savors the colorful MBB era, helps operators make fast move to fully utilize incumbent network, forge quality network, acquire business value, create new business model, survive and grow in the changing world.


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