Dual Mode Radio Network Controller ZXUR9000

  • ZXUR 9000, as a new generation radio network controller, uses all IP hardware structure, modularized design and distributed idea, providing network control functionality under GSM, UMTS or GU dual mode. It has extremely large processing capability, with high integration and intelligent design, which effectively improve the utilization rate of transmission and radio resources, simplify the whole network maintenance, cut down CAPEX and make the maintenance more convenient.

    Unified for Dual Mode
    By Unified RRM, load information of GSM and UMTS are considered synthetically during traffic setup or handover so as to make balance between networks.
    Common transmission resource management and IP co-transmission are provided through Unified Transmission scheduling and between GSM and UMTS.
    In the viewpoint of O&M, one single network element is managed to customers with Unified O&M infrastructure.
    Non Blocking Capacity
    With all IP switching platform, data transmission is highly efficient and flexible.
    The high performance packet data management platform ensures the system capability of non-blocking data transaction.
    By integration and intelligent design, capacity is greatly increased to meet all requirements.
    Flexible Installation
    Provide diversified interfaces such as E1/T1/STM-1/C-STM-1/GE/FE/10GE to satisfy different scenarios.
    Less footprint with G/U in the same cabinet.
    High Reliability Design
    All boards have backup design to ensure reliability of huge capacity controller.
    Control plane boards use 1+1 backup and load sharing mechanism.
    User plane boards use load sharing.
    Interface boards can be configured as 1+1 or load sharing.
    Switch boards can be configured as load sharing.


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