ZXUN iMG - integrated Media Gateway

  • ZXUN iMG, as a media gateway in ZTE mobile softswitch solution, provides media processing functions for voice service or data service in circuit switch (CS) domain, including voice stream format conversion, bearer conversion, and inter-network interworking, etc.

    ZXUN iMG is targeted at carrier-class media gateways with carrier-grade voice service quality, providing management and operational capabilities with high reliability, high availability and ease of maintenance.

    ZXUN iMG supports service-bearing functions of VMGW, TMGW, and GMGW in GSM/UMTS/TD-SCDMA network, and realizes flexible networking. ZXUN iMG could be smoothly evolved to IM-MGW/MRFP in IMS network.

    ZXUN iMG supports the service bearer function of TG network element in IMS network. It cooperates with MGCF to realize the interconnection among IMS network and CS network, PSTN network. It can access to No.7 signaling network and PRI network. It is mainly responsible for connecting PSTN network with IMS network, and performing the conversion of voice / fax data between the PSTN / ISDN side and IP network side.

    ZXUN iMG supports the built-in signaling gateway SGW / STP function, it also supports various signaling connections and networking methods.

    ZXUN iMG has two product forms. It can be provided as a VNF (Virtual Network Function) deployed on common COTS hardware in a virtualization network. And it can also be deployed on the traditional ETCA (Enhanced ATCA) hardware.