ZXUN iCX - intelligent Controller eXtensive

  • ZTE mobile softswitch server, ZXUN iCX, is an important control network element (NE) in overall ZTE mobile softswitch solution. Located at core control layer in GSM / UMTS / TD-SCDMA network, it provides calling control, media gateway control, user data management, and inter-network interworking functions.

    ZXUN iCX's built-in MGCF function can cooperate with other entities in the IMS network (such as CSCF, BGCF) and other entities in CS domain (such as MSC server) to realize the communication between the IMS domain and the CS domain. By controlling the IM-MGW, it can achieve the interoperability between the user plane between IMS domain and CS domain.

    ZXUN iCX supports service function of VMSC, TMSC, GMSC, CMN, eMSC, CSFB Proxy and SSP in GSM/UMTS/TD-SCDMA network, and realizes flexible networking. ZXUN iCX could be smoothly evolved to MGCF / mAGCF in IMS network, and protects operators' investment.

    ZXUN iCX has two product forms. It can be provided as a VNF (Virtual Network Function) deployed on common COTS hardware in a virtualization network. And it can also be deployed on the traditional ETCA (Enhanced ATCA) hardware.