ZXUN B200 – Session Border Controller

  • ZTE Session Border Controller (SBC) product - ZXUN B200, based on an architecture where media and control are separated, implements unified control for fixed and mobile users and provides basic communication services and enriched multimedia services for these users.

    ZXUN B200, located in the border of IMS core network, controls incoming and outgoing signaling streams and media streams. ZXUN B200 adopts a signaling and media separation architecture and supports all the mainstream codecs and transcoding (TC) function based on software and hardware. It provides powerful security function to meet the security requirements in various networking environments and provide omnidirectional protection for carriers’ secure operation.

    ZXUN B200 can be deployed either on the standard ATCA hardware or on the general-purpose COTS hardware. It supports rich virtualization functions, including automatic deployment, elasticity, failure self-heal, intelligent O&M, etc.