ZX5GMC - 5G Message Center - Value-Added Service - ZTE Product
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ZX5GMC - 5G Message Center

  • RCS is a series of GSMA standards defining rich communication services for IMS network, including instant message, voice calling and presence based on user MSISDN. As a principal member of GSMA, ZTE takes an active participation in RCS technical specifications. ZTE offers an end-to-end RCS solution based on specification including IMS, RCS AS, and MaaP. 

    RCS Upgrades Telco's Basic Communication
    RCS upgrades traditional SMS service to provide rich media messaging capabilities and new business messaging service. Messaging as a Platform (MaaP) based RCS business messaging comprehensively upgrade the service interaction methods between enterprises and individual users. Business brands push personalized services to users through rich content such as image, videos, and rich cards. Users can enjoy one-stop business experience such as service discovery, search, interaction, and payment in the message window itself based on the native SMS entry.

    Advantages of RCS
    No need to install
    No need to register and login
    100% reachable: RCS delivers messages based on MSISDN and supports a multi-level fallback mechanism to ensure that messages are 100% delivered;
    Ultra-low customer acquisition costs: The brands directly push services through MSISDN, with few intermediate links and low customer acquisition costs;
    Global interoperability: RCS based on the international standard supports the interoperability of global operators;
    Openness: Developers and enterprises can directly develop services based on standard APIs.
    RCS as the core of 5G messaging 
    GSMA NG.114 specification defines RCS as a mandatory service for 5G terminals, RCS provides rich communication and business messaging service under 5G network which is now the core service of 5G messaging. 

    5GMC provides new service experience
    5GMC is a new generation of messaging product launched by ZTE based on years of R&D experience in SMS, MMS and RCS field, in accordance with operators' requirements for service convergence and providing users with new service experiences..
    5GMC can provide users with access to SMS and 5G Messaging (RCS) services on the same platform. It has the following advantages:
    Architecture Decoupling: 5GMC supports the three-layer decoupling deployment of different vendors at the service layer, virtual layer and hardware layer;
    Lightweight Signaling: 5GMC simplifies IMS signaling unrelated to RCS message such as calls, conferences, billing, and monitoring by 50%+ and optimizes the message fallback mechanism to reduce the No. 7 signaling interaction of RCS messages to SMS by about 60%;
    Service Convergence: 5GMC integrates the short number platform, SMS platform, and spam proxy into the unified 5GMC platform. One platform provides multiple service functions, and realizes the smooth evolution of existing telco messaging service;
    Simplified Network: 5GMC optimizes IMS networking, simplifies three types of control network elements such as CSCF, HSS, and SLF, and implements unified control functions to achieve a flat network.