ZXIN CRBT - Color Ring Back Tone - Value-Added Service - ZTE Product
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ZXIN CRBT - Color Ring Back Tone

  • CRBT is a service for a user to customize a ring tone so that the CRBT system plays a piece of sweet music or a greeting for the calling user to replace the ordinary ring back tone. It is a basic service in the communication value-added service realm. It brings rich and colorful service experiences to users and lucrative benefits to operators. It is the main force for operators to improve the value of ARPU. ZTE has accumulated rich experience in large-scale and multi-site applications for many years, and can provide continuous and strong support for the development and operation of the operator's CRBT service. 

    On the whole, ZXIN CRBT can provide the following service functions:
    1. CRBT
    The ring tone of the called CRBT is set by the called user himself, and the calling user can listen to the CRBT when he calls others.
    2. Reverse CRBT
    The ring tone of the calling CRBT is set by the calling user himself, and the calling user can listen to the CRBT when he calls others.
    3. Corporation CRBT
    It is a customized ringtone for group customers and the customized ring tone is used as the default ring tone for group users within a specified time according to the requirements of group customers.
    It can help operators expand the enterprise market and realize the new B2B2C business model.
    4. CRBT Purchase
    ZXIN CRBT provides some CRBT promotion functions such as One Key Copy, CRBT Gift and Hang-up SMS to promote the purchase activities of CRBT users.
    It supports multiple CRBT subscription channels such as SMS, IVR and CRM to facilitate user purchasing and improve operators' ARPU.

    The advantages of ZXIN CRBT are described as follows:
    1. Supporting NFV and realizing on-demand elastic scaling and rapid system deployment for helping the cloud-based transformation of operators' services
    2. Supporting mainstream network protocols such as BICC and SIP so that one system supports multiple networks
    3. Supporting the deployment of the media resources at the edge for saving the network bandwidth
    4. Supporting the separation of Call Service Point (CSP) from Content Management Point (CMP) for centralized management of CRBT services

    5. Supporting the JAINSLEE architecture, which realizes the decoupling of capability from application, to lower the threshold for the development of voice value-added services and facilitate the development of third-party voice value-added services
    6. Supporting convergent service development, which realizes 2G/3G/4G/5G unified access and irrelevance between service logic and access, to help developers make one-time service development for multiple networks and improve development efficiency