ZXCMA - Converged Message Architecture - Value-Added Service - ZTE Product
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ZXCMA - Converged Message Architecture

  • The evolution of the global mobile network has experienced rapid development from 2G to 5G, and the operator's messaging service has gradually developed from SMS to a variety of forms of messaging services, such as MMS, voice mail, USSD, and RCS for rich communication and chatbot. The way of communication develops from people to people, to communication between applications and people, and to communication between things and things.
    To adapt to the continuous changes, ZTE has proposed the CMA (Converged Message Architecture) solution, which has the following characteristics:

    1. CMA converges all telco’s messaging services, which is compatible with 2G/3G/4G/5G core network access, and flexibly realizes the capabilities of each service engine in a componentized and microservice manner;
    2. Based on the NFV cloud-based architecture, CMA retains the characteristics of existing messaging services, realizes rapid service deployment, elastic scaling of resources, and reduces construction costs for operators;
    3. CMA provides an intelligent maintenance & business operation system, and supports intelligent installation, upgrade, inspection, monitoring, decision-making and other functions, reducing operators' operation and maintenance costs.