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ZXUN iLBS - Location Based Service

  • LBS (Location-Based Service), its main function is to obtain the location information (geographical coordinates) of the mobile terminal through the radio communication network of the mobile operator.
    ZXUN iLBS mainly includes four network elements: GMLC, (E-)SMLC, LMF, and SLP. Among them, GMLC, (E-)SMLC, LMF are defined by 3GPP specifications, and SLP is defined by OMA specifications.
    ZXUN iLBS has the following core advantages:
    1. A set of platforms supports various network formats of 2/3/4/NB/5G at the same time, helping operators save investment and simplify operation and maintenance;
    2. Support various positioning methods such as CELLID, TA, RTT, ECID, OTDOA, A-GPS, and adopt fusion positioning algorithms to meet the needs of customers in different positioning scenarios;

    3. Support virtualization/cloud deployment, elastic scalability and reduce operators' CAPEX/OPEX.