ZXUN NCEE - Capability Exposing

  • With the development of mobile Internet and digital intelligence in vertical industries, more and more applications need to rely on the telecommunications capabilities of operators to meet various applications’ needs such as service enhancement, user experience improvement and the differentiation. ZXUN NCEE (Network Capability Exposure Engine) came into being.

    ZXUN NCEE is dedicated to rapid and flexible integration with the capabilities of telecom networks and service platforms. It abstracts and exposes the standard and lightweight APIs, provides developers and partners with two types of API exposing services including basic communication and pipe connection. It helps operators expand the range of products and services, promote the development of partners and accelerate the internal innovation and the digital transformation.

    On the whole, ZXUN NCEE includes four modules: Capability Exposing Module (CEM), Capability Control Module (CCM), Capability Management Module (CMM) and General Supporting Module (GSM).

    1. Capability Exposing Module

    Providing unified access and converged exposure of capabilities, and interconnecting with CCM to realize the functions such as authentication & authorization and control for API invocations

    2. Capability Control Module

    Providing functions such as service publishing, service discovery, authentication & authorization for API invocations and billing control

    3. Capability Management Module

    Providing the API publishing function and API management function

    4. General Supporting Module

    Providing functions such as license management and control, data storage, network management alarm, and operation and maintenance for above modules

    ZXUN NCEE has the following advantages, including:

    1. Complying with CAPIF which is convenient for the interconnection of various capability exposure modules provided by different venders, for facilitating the unified planning of operators

    2. Supporting capability unified access and converged exposure and providing one-stop capability exposure delivery services for developers for improving development experience

    3. Adopting Microservice architecture and supporting cloud native related technologies such as NFV and canary release and realizing on-demand deployment/elastic scaling and fast iteration of new service versions for facilitating rapid exposure of new capabilities


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