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ZXRCS - Rich Communication Suite

  • Rich Communication Suite (RCS) is a series of GSMA standards defined rich communication services for IMS network, including instant message, voice calling and presence based on user MSISDN. As a principal member of GSMA, ZTE leads the establishment of RCS technical specifications and commits to promote the development of RCS industry. 

    Highlights of ZTE RCS:
    1. Provide end-to-end RCS solution for operators including IMS, RCS AS, Messaging as a Platform (MaaP), RCS HUB, RCS SDK.

    2. Support of multiple flexible deployment modes: IMS mode, Pre-IMS mode, Deactivated IMS mode.

    3. Fully comply to the latest GSMA UP specification and achieve UP accreditation as the first batch in the industry.

    4. ZTE has mature RCS commercial deployment experience and IoT experience with mainstream IMS vendors and native terminals.