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ZXCMA - Converged Message Architecture

  • Telecom message services (SMS, MMS, VMS, RCS & USSD), which are usually provided by different vendors, are independent to each other in the past time. Obviously, this kind of telecom service architecture keeps the operators struggling in high capital & operation expenditure, poor resources sharing and platform evolution issues. Hence, ZTE offers a Converged Message Architecture(CMA) to combine all message services to help operators in service promotion, system maintenance simplification as well as platform evolution. CMA fully leverages the evolution from CS/PS(Circuit Switched/Packet Switched) to LTE, 5G network to provide multiple services on various bearing networks. While drastically simplifying the overall messaging architecture, the system not only offers the“legacy” message services’features but also brings abundant experiences of multimedia communication services.

    Highlights of ZTE CMA:

    1. CMA provides an All-in-One messaging solution including SMS, MMS, VMS, USSD, IPSMGW, RCS services oriented 2G/3G/4G/5G network.

    2. CMA provides a consolidated platform for each service engine which supports the following functions, including unified interface, unified service process, unified user DB, unified OMM, etc.

    3. CMA adopts a L3 architecture with the interface layer, logic layer and data layer, which can support rapid service roll-out and auto scaling based on CPU, memory, and service usage.

    4. Multiple tenants are designed to meet the demands of MNO hosting or MVNO requirements. Tenants can be created easily by CMA in which configuration isolation and rights management is realized. Subscribers can be identified between tenants by MSISDN, IMSI, user profile, and network.