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ZTE CMA Solution Passed VMware Certificaiton

  • ZTE offers a Converged Message Architecture(CMA) to combine all message services to help operators in service promotion, system maintenance simplification as well as platform evolution. CMA fully leverages the evolution from CS/PS(Circuit Switched/Packet Switched) to LTE, 5G network to provide multiple services on various bearing networks. While drastically simplifying the overall messaging architecture, the system not only offers the“legacy” message services’features but also brings abundant experiences of multimedia communication services.
  • 1. Most converged services in the industry

    1)  SMS/MMS/VMS/WAPGW/USSD/SPAM/LBS/IPSMGW/RCS is now available in CMA platform.

    2)  CMA provides All-in-One messaging solution across 2G/3G/4G/5G network.

    2. Proved cloud solution

    1)  CMA  is fully compatible with standard ETSI NFV and mainstream VM suppliers.

    2)  CMA is on the certification list of Redhat and VMware.

    3. Future-oriented architecture

    1)  Flexible architecture to migrate all existing services to CMA smoothly.

    2)  Seamless evolution to add 5G messaging enablers.