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ZTE vEPC solution Passed VMware Certification

  • ZTE vEPC solution uses the network functions virtualization (NFV) technology with VMware’s NFV Infrastructure (vSphere, NSX, vSAN, vCloud Director ).
  • ZTE vEPC is based on vCN(Virtualized Core Network) architecture, provides totally new experience, carrier-class guarantee, easy-to-management and easy-to-integration, which covers all NEs in 2G/3G/4G core network, and takes a leading position in the industry.


    ●Zero interruption fast elasticity to meet user requirement in time
    ●Control Plane/User Plane separation improves efficiency and saves power, which enhances user experience
    ●Carrier-grade guarantee, reliability up to 99.999%

    ZTE vEPC architecture adopts low coupling and stateless design with: user data locates in cloud storage, no longer bound with service processing; public modules are separated from service logic and become universal components; service processing control plane is separated with user plane for flexible deployment.

    ZTE vEPC supports convergent Gateway with TCO saving for multi network co-existence, seamless mobility and migration to future network with software upgrading only.
    Geographical redundancy capability provides reliable services even when one site is out of service. Multi-level disaster recovery mechanism guarantees that network reliability easily reaches 99.999%.

    ZTE vEPC provides refined traffic management based on 3GPP PCC architecture, provides dynamic charging and policy control for enforcing of access control, QoS management, routing policy and charging policy control based on service, subscriber, network type etc for the operator.