ZXUN USPP - Universal Subscriber Profile Platform - User Data Convergence - ZTE Product
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ZXUN USPP - Universal Subscriber Profile Platform

  • ZXUN USPP (Universal Subscriber Profile Platform) provides a perfect UDC / SDM solution which realizes the centralized management of subscriber data and service data, and provides unified data portal and open interfaces.

    ZXUN USPP has supported a variety of FE applications, including GSM HLR, UMTS HLR, CDMA HLRe, IMS HSS, EPC HSS, 5G UDM, 5G AUSF, FNR, MNP, EIR, SLF, AAA, SPR, ENUM, and so on, which is beneficial to achieve convergence of different application network elements, reduce TCO, and speed up service deployment.

    In addition, ZXUN USPP has the capability of integrating the third party's data. For example, the value-added services data can be stored in the ZXUN USPP. Through the open interfaces, the third party's FE can access the data.

    ZXUN USPP supports legacy carrier-class ATCA-based deployment and various virtualization deployment solutions to meet flexible deployment requirements from carriers and government / enterprise customers.

    In order to further reduce TCO and accelerate new service innovation / deployment, ZXUN USPP system supports universal computing COTS server, universal storage equipment, universal switch equipment, and various virtualization platform deployed or run in the data center.