ZXUN DSC - Diverse Signaling Conductor

  • ZXUN DSC integrates with multiple NEs, for example, the DRA, STP, IWF, MNP, SLF, SCP, BSF and SEPP. And it supports Diameter/No.7/HTTP all-signaling access and interconnection of the 2G/3G/4G/5G/IMS networks, including various kinds of signaling routing services. In addition, the convergence reduces the quantity of NEs, greatly simplifying signaling networking of carriers. 

    As DRA, ZXUN DSC processes diameter signaling, and supports centralized routing, policy binding, load balancing, boundary routing scenarios, etc.

    As STP, ZXUN DSC processes No.7 signaling, and supports central and edge routing of TDM STP and IP STP scenarios

    As SCP, ZXUN DSC processes HTTP signaling, supports centralized routing and load balancing scenarios, converges network signaling routing and simplifies networking.

    As BSF, ZXUN DSC supports the 5GC policy session binding scenarios and routes multiple sessions of the same user to the same PCF for processing.

    As SEPP, ZXUN DSC supports the 5GC border routing scenarios, and provides functions such as signaling encryption, signaling screening and topology hiding to enhance network security.