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ZXUN xGW Converged Packet Gateway

  • ZXUN xGW can be deployed as GGSN, S/PGW-C, S/PGW-U, SMF, UPF and combined node to support 2G, 3G, LTE and 5G NSA/SA access to meet the needs of various applications in network evolution. The ZXUN xGW has two product forms, one form uses NFV / SDN technology, to realize hardware and software decoupling, so xGW is deployed as the EPC/5GC VNF in the cloud core network, the other form uses traditional technology, through the proprietary hardware to achieve network element function.

    Main Functions:
    ●Virtualization Functions
    Support automatic deployment, elastic scale-in/out, self-healing and etc.

    ●S/PGW-C/S/PGW-U/GGSN Functions

    Support the routing and forwarding function, built-in GGSN function, tunnel management function, path management function, address management and distribution function, user plane function, billing function, RADIUS function, DHCP function, IP over L2TP function, VPN access function, PCC function, DPI function, Video Optimization function, QoS function, security function, OCS load balancing function, redirection function, user data management function, message masking function, NTP function, daylight saving function, APN function, multi-PLMN function, Multi-SIM function, APN-based bearer control function.
    Video Optimization function mainly used to improve the wireless spectrum resource constraints, wireless access bandwidth instability lead to video playback Caton, stalling for a long time and other poor user experience. Video optimization used the intelligent cache , the dynamic transcoding technology to achieve content adaptive and network bandwidth collaborative control, and then enhancing the user video experience.
    ●ePDG Functions
    Support security tunneling function, authentication function, session management function, user plane function, PGW selection function, QoS function, anti-DoS attack function.
    ●SMF Functions

    Support Session management function, UE IP addresses allocation and management function, QoS function, Control and coordinate UPF for charging information collection.

    ●UPF Functions

    Support packet routing and forwarding function, QoS function, Traffic usage report function, Policty execution function in user plane.