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TECS Distributed Storage Platform

  • ZTE Distributed Unified Storage Platform, TECS CloveStorage, which is based on the mainstream distributed storage system Ceph, makes use of its high performance, high reliability and high expansion design concept, and organizes the local storage resources of general hardware into a fully distributed storage pool through the software system.

    TECS CloveStorage can improve the functions and optimize the performance of the open source project, fully meeting the future requirements of the enterprises’ development, and assisting their IT transformation. At the same time, TECS CloveStorage enhances the architecture of open source project to enable its performance, reliability and security to reach the carrier-grade quality and to meet the requirements of the telecom cloud network.

    Leading in Ceph Community

    ZTE started the contribution to Ceph community from 2014, and it is one of the first batch of teams engaged in Ceph R&D in China. ZTE has many expert-level developers in community and its contribution ranks top 3 in the world and top 1 in China in three consecutive community commercial versions. TECS CloveStorage is the close combination of open source and commercial standards community, which has been put into commercial use by dozens of operators around the world, creating continuous value for customers.

    Markey Development

    In 2019, ZTE made breakthroughs in the telecom market and deployed distributed storage in the NFV resource pool of China Mobile. At the same time, ZTE successfully passed the IT private cloud procurement tests of China Mobile. The comprehensive market breakthrough in CT and IT of China Mobile fully demonstrated the innovation and technical strength of TECS CloveStorage.
    In the field of government enterprise cloud, TECS CloveStorage has been put into use in more than 10 smart city projects and many public security systems, providing storage services of more than 4,600T from 2017 to 2019.

    International Fame
    In 2018, TECS CloveStorage was awarded the Best Open Source Product Award at the SDN/NFV World Congress held in Hague, Netherlands. The SDN/NFV World Congress is one of the most influential exhibitions in the virtualization field. This award fully demonstrates the recognition of ZTE virtualization technologies and commercial capabilities in the industry.