TECS CloudFoundation - TECS Telecom Cloud Platform - ZTE Product
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TECS CloudFoundation

  • TECS CloudFoundation is an ICT-oriented integrated cloud platform, based on the industry's two major open source platforms OpenStack and Kubernetes, and achieving deep integration of the two. It is widely compatible with various standardized, enhanced and customized hardware devices, provides unified computing power (including virtual machines, containers and bare metal), security and operation and maintenance management services, and builds a general cloud infrastructure for applications in the entire industry platform. At the same time, in response to the fragmented needs of industries, through the microservice platform and general technical middleware services,TECS CloudFoundation provides a capability platform for agile business development to help the rapid development and deployment of industry applications.

    TECS CloudFoundation supports different deployment and operation forms according to needs and delivery scenarios. Through the adaptation of resource configuration, installation components and related features, basic cloud services can be provided flexibly, capabilities can be expanded and contracted through the interface. and horizontal expansion and flexible switching of scenes are supported. Regardless of whether it is a telecom cloud, an industry cloud, or an IT cloud, TECS CloudFoundation can provide a unified and consistent infrastructure, services, and operation and maintenance to ensure the continuity and flexibility of business use. At the same time, TECS CloudFoundation also supports the provision of technical services and cloud native technology stacks, running on third-party cloud facilities.