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Cloud Infrastructure

TECS Telecom Cloud Platform

Based on OpenStack and Kubernetes, ZTE Cloud Platform, TECS (Tulip Elastic Cloud System), creates a cloud environment with characteristics of centralized, high-performance, reliable, secure, open and compatible by adopting technologies such as NFV, CEPH, and SDN. The product portfolio consists of following products.
1. TECS Cloud OS provide users with virtual machines, containers, bare metal and other resources more flexibly, and support multiple deployment modes such as Container-On-VM, Containers-On-BM (Bare Metal) at the same time. The platform realizes the deep fusion of OpenStack and Kubernetes, enabling virtual machine and container to share compute resources, network resources and storage resources, and effectively improve resource utilization. At the same time to provide users with a unified view of OpenStack and Kubernetes, to achieve unified APP management, unified O&M management and unified security management.
2. TECS Director provides cross-DC unified resource management services for the distributed architecture of telecom network, achieving the resource scheduling-on-demand in the whole network, and effectively improves the utilization rate of resources. Combined with AI and other technologies, TECS Director provides automated and intelligent O&M services for cloud infrastructure, covering a full range of capabilities: planning, deployment, maintenance, optimization and operation, to effectively improve the resource management efficiency and reduce the OPEX.
3. TECS CloveStorage is ZTE's carrier-grade distributed storage platform based on CEPH, with high performance, easy expansion and easy deployment. The platform provides rich interfaces that fully supports block storage, file storage, and object storage for a wide range of applications such as 5G/MEC/NFV/IoT/IT applications.