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Cloud Core Network

Cloud Management

With the development of the new technology of cloud computing, SDN/NFV and 5G, telecom operators are going further on the way of digital transformation. The traditional OSS has been unable to cope with the challenges of network evolution, so they need to bring in new operation and maintenance system to solve the increasing operating costs (OPEX) and growing demands for rapid deployment of new services. Facing these challenges. ZTE CloudStudio provides a new network operating system and new service development platform for operators. Leveraging the advanced micro-service architecture and the new template-based service design, it realizes rapid service onboarding. Providing the end-to-end automatic orchestration, deployment and activation of services, it realizes rapid service fulfillment. Relying on intelligent closed-loop control based on big data and AI, it realizes automatic operation and maintenance of networks and services. On the long and challenging path of digital transformation, ZTE will work with operators and partners to cope with all the challenges, and help operators transform.