ZTE GoldenDB Distributed Database Introduction

  • 1.Product Introduction
    ZTE GoldenDB distributed database uses the non-shared architecture to provide cloudified database service and scale out the database capability by adding database nodes. It provides the following capabilities for applications: 
    ●Support distributed transactions and be transparent for applications.
    ●Feature ACID (atomicity, consistency, isolation, and durability) to ensure consistency and isolation of distributed transactions.
    ●Support cluster high availability, including single-point failure elimination and system disaster recovery.
    ●Support data backup and recovery and ensure high consistency of data
    ●Support node adding for scale-out
    ●Support rule- and cost-based SQL optimization and support storage process
    ●Be transparent to services and isolate services at the physical layer and logical layer.

    2.Product Architecture

    3.Highlighted Features
    1)Complete distributed transaction solution and high consistency of transactions
    2)Support standard SQL statements, fully compatible with SQL92, SQL99, and SQL2003 standards, as well as the MySQL database.
    3)Provide unified DB basic service to realize flattened systems through the distributed DB platform.
    4)Adopt the cluster architecture with X86 servers for low cost, and use the decentralized architecture to avoid single-point failure.
    5)Support data migration without system interruption and support dynamic data redistribution.
    6)Support multi-layer scale-out.
    7)Support read-write separation to improve read and write efficiency.
    8)Provide distributed SQL query optimization to realize high-performance SQL processing while ensuring data consistency
    9)Support active-active in one city and remote disaster recovery
    10)Support data snapshotting based on the distributed architecture
    11)Provide unified O&M management interface and O&M automation

    4.Application Scenarios
    ZTE GoldenDB distributed database has been officially put into commercial use in China CITIC Bank, Jiangsu Province Rural Credit Co-operative Union, Bank of Jiangsu, Hunan Provincial Government, and Xiantao Municipal Government. The application scenarios of the GoldenDB distributed database include: 
    High-concurrency: The product can meet high-concurrency transactions required by government, finance, operator, and Internet industries and ensure high consistency of data transactions.
    Massive data storage access: The product can provide large-capacity and saleable database solution.
    Integration of service application databases: In scenarios where multiple databases are established for different applications, theses databases can be integrated and managed by one distributed database system to improve database system utilization and reduce costs.

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