ZTE uSmartCloud Cloud Data Center Introduction

  • 1.Product Introduction
    ZTE uSmartCloud cloud data center uses the OpenStack open architecture and makes enterprise-level optimization in high availability, high performance, high elasticity of services, and high efficiency of resources. Aimed at integrating isolated physical resources such as server, storage, and network, it realizes hardware resource virtualization, sharing, and unified management, and allows users to carry out all kinds of self-operated and leased businesses with the support of the cloud data center. 
    ZTE uSmartCloud cloud data center architecture includes the virtualization layer, cloud resource management platform, and cloud application and service management platform. 
    ●The virtualization layer contains computing virtualization, storage virtualization, and network virtualization modules to virtualize computing, storage, and network resources. 
    ●The cloud resource management platform provides end-to-end integrated management capabilities including resource management, statistics, monitoring and dispatching, and service control, and allows unified resource management, unified production dispatching, and high-efficiency coordination of resources of different data centers, so that existing resources can be fully used.  
    ●The cloud application and service management platform provides the full-lifecycle management of cloud applications and service, including orchestration, deployment, and O&M, and provides multiple service capabilities such as elastic scaling, disaster recovery and self-healing, monitoring, and data security. 

    2.Product Architecture

    3.Highlighted Features
    ●All-round highly-integrated open platform
    The uSmartCloud integrates server, storage, and network resources, builds up a unified management platform for operation, maintenance, and user self-service, and provide elastic, high-performance, and high-reliability virtual computing, storage, and network resources to satisfy users’ requirements for high security, high reliability, low cost, flexible scaling, and rapid delivery. 
    ●Smart management, unified portal, and unified deployment
    All resources including computing, storage, and network, form a data center set, which is under the unified smart management of the cloud resource management platform to realize unified portal, unified presence, unified O&M, and unified management. 
    ●All-round security protection
    The platform security is assured by a series of security schemes and products including firewall, intrusion detection, security audit, web page anti-tampering system, anti-virus system, and digital certificate. 
    ●End-to-end product solution integrated delivery and service capability
    The integrated delivery and continuous O&M service capability can ensure high-standard project implementation, reduce project TCO, and reduce customer investments. ZTE has deployed the product for multiple provincial and municipal projects successfully and received high recognition. 
    ●Proprietary controllable platform technology proved by scaled commercial use 
    ZTE uses the industry-leading technologies and standardized design to develop the proprietary and controllable product portfolio and has deployed the product in over 300 projects in and outside China. The product is compatible with mainstream virtualization technologies and ICT equipment of mainstream vendors to ensure generality and openness. 

    4.Application Scenarios
    ZTE uSmartCloud cloud data center has been deployed for over 300 projects globally, mainly including government, finance, and smart city projects. 

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