ZTE Open Service Gateway

  • 1      ZTE OSG Overview

    The ZTE OSG (Open Service Gateway) is a telecom network capability exposure and service application execution platform. It exposes telecom network capabilities to upper layer applications/service, then the 3rd party developers may use these published capability APIs in their services. Telecom operators may buy these services (rather than from the platform vendor) to serve their end users.

    The architecture of OSG is shown as follow:

    ZTE OSG is introduced to solve the challenges, including:

    High service CAPEX due to vendor lock in

    Long TTM for new service delivery

    Lack of innovative services

    Telecom service operators need both predefined services and a general hosting platform. The platform can host 3rd party services and allow instant changing of service logic. This concept helps telecom operators separate service purchasing from platform purchasing, and use Internet resources to serve their customers.

    Meanwhile, the service developers get benefits from service sales/revenue. By ZTE OSG, the operator can establish a WIN-WIN-WIN ecosystem for the operator, service developers, and end users.

    2      Platform Highlights and Customer Benefits


    ★ Lower Investment cost

    ZTE OSG is a standard implementation of JAIN SLEE. It ensures the platform’s general accessibility to the developer community all over the world, which helps telecom operators to benefit from:

    • Mature developers who are already familiar with JAVA and JAIN

    • Elimination of service vendor lock in.

    ★ Flexibility and Portability

    Telecom operator buys and loads RAs as per its network environment requires. The operator needs to buy new RAs only if it is upgraded to next generation network.

    The services are applicable to operators’ networks as long as the RAs are the same. The MTOs can benefit a lot if they unify their VASs to the OSG platform. 

    ★ Rich Native Services

    ZTE provides both the platform and some native services such as poke call, sponsored call, MCA&NOR, ZBMCA, emergency credit/ minute, Pay4Me, Call me back or Recharge me.

    Operators can get the revenue generating service right after the platform delivery. They don’t have to wait for 3rd party service vendors to develop and deliver services.

    ★ Future Proof

        • ZTE OSG solution is compatible to mainstream NFVI vendors, and it has already been tested and passed the validation in Orange’s cloud environment.

        • State-of-the-art technologies and methodologies such as Docker and DevOps are applied in the system designing and operating processes.

        • Other technologies such as SDN and big data can be integrated in the platform to facilitate a more agile and profitable platform.

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