ZXV10 B860GV1.1

  • ZXV10 B860GV1.1 IP Media Gateway integrates the functions of STB, residential gateway and wireless router, featuring a dual-system design including STB subsystem and router subsystem. The STB subsystem, based on the open Android4.4 platform, adopts the optimized H.264 and H.265 video compression algorithm and is capable of providing up to 4K Ultra-HD resolution, ensuring the clear and vivid image display and the enhanced audio and video playing functions. It can provide pre-installed services such as internet audio and video services, local media playing and visual communication, as well as various loaded services such as communication and game services. The router subsystem is based on Linux platform and uses 100-megabit WAN and LAN ports and built-in IEEE802.11n 2.4G 2T2R Wi-Fi module, providing mobile smart terminals with wired or wireless Internet access services.


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