ZTE Satellite HD Digital STB

  • 1.Product Introduction

    The development of OTT is booming in recent years. Becoming the killer factor to Cord-cuttings, compared to traditional satellite STB, OTT STB adopting cut-edging technology, more flexible and personalized and more attractive subscription fee. DVB-S/S2 with OTT Hybrid STB will be the best choice for MSO, ZTE introduces the new generation of DVB-S/S2 Hybrid STB, which brings enhanced experience to subscribers.

    2.Product Highlights

    1)     Integrated with high performance Broadcom STB SOC, which is fully compliant with DVB-S/ S2 standard

    2)     Support advanced security CAS, which helps the operator to offer stably and protected DTH services to the end users

    3)     Support HD 1080i and 1080p60 resolution, support H.265/HEVC video decode and Dolby audio decode

    4)     Support both DVB-S/S2 and OTT

    3.Customer Value

    Compared with traditional satellite TV, DVB-S/S2 Hybrid STB has two distinguish part:

    1)     The bandwidth is absolute scarcity and precious for MSO operators, OTT saving bandwidth for operator, especially in the full HD era, and the coming 4K era

    2)     Compared with traditional DVB-S/S2 zapper STB, DVB-S/S2 Hybrid STB adopts the advantages of DVB-S/S2 and OTT, DVB for broadcast live TV, OTT for multi-screen interactive services, significantly enhance user experiences, helps MSO attract more subscribers

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