Cloud Management


ZTE Cloud Studio virtual management system complies with ETSI/OPENFV/3GPP/CCSA specification. Based on easy integration, easy deployment, easy orchestration, easy O&M, Cloud Studio implements NFV/SDN network orchestration and management and helps carriers with operation transformation. ZTE Cloud Studio supports:
●Unified management: supports multi-vendors, multi-domains and multi-DC unified management, including wireless, core network, load bearing, VAS, IT, and other virtual equipments in different domains; the third party CT VNF and IT APP; across-DC or across-VIM deployment mode.Agile service online: Base on carrier Devops concept, Realize network visualization design, automated deployment, automated testing, shorten network deployment cycle, and fast service online speed.
●E2E lifecycle management: provides whole lifecycle management, including network design, instantiation, monitor, expansion, scaling, termination, migration, healing, etc. and improves O&M efficiency.
●Comprehensive monitor and fault location: real-time display and monitor of network status, finding problems as soon as possible; early alarming before happening; comprehensive alarm collections in hardware, virtual layer and application; multi-layer alarms automatic correlation, root alarm analysis and faults location based on TOPO models.

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