• TECS Cloud OS provides virtualized management upon computing, storage, and network resources, builds a cloud environment for users rapidly,
    TECS Cloud OS is based on OpenStack, integrated with NFV (Network Function Virtualization) architecture to centralize and manage virtualized infrastructures through a unified interface to reduce the operation cost of the business. ZTE Cloud OS has made lots of enhancements upon OpenStack and   its performance, reliability and security can meet carrier-class requirements, so as to meet the needs of network infrastructure cloudification.
    TECS Cloud OS uses TECS Compute as hypervisor. TECS Compute adopts KVM technology and related enhancements based on ZTE CGEL carrier-class operating system to provide complete CPU virtualization, memory virtualization, and I/O device virtualization capabilities. At the same time, TECS Compute also supports container and provides lightweight virtualization technology.
    TECS cloud OS uses ZTE DVS as distributed network switching engine to provide a unified, virtualized switching system with high performance. ZTE DVS is based on Open vSwitch and combined with Intel DPDK program, to provide users with pure software virtual exchange solution. In addition to meeting the needs of traditional network virtualization, ZTE DVS also supports SDN (software defined network), complying with OpenFlow protocol, to provide a complete Overlay virtualization solution based on VxLAN in coordinate with SDN controller.

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