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ZXR10 T8000 Cluster Router

  • The Power Connecting the World

    ZTE ZXR10 T8000 focuses on Internet core nodes, backbone aggregation nodes, large-scale MAN core egress nodes and DC-GW. ZTE T8000-18 is committed to building flat networks, enabling full-service unified transport and offering future-oriented network seamless evolution to help customers build a new ultra-broadband, high-efficiency and secure IP backbone network.
    The ZXR10 T8000 system can be used as the standalone system, cluster LCC(Line Card Chassis) and cluster center CFC(Central Fabric Chassis). It supports smooth conversion among standalone server, back-to-back (B2B) cluster and multi-chassis cluster systems to meet the requirements of network service development and adjustment.


    Ultra-bandwidth network

    l  The ZXR10 T8000 is based on a 4Tbit platform. It supports 18 service slots in a single chassis, and each slot supports high-density 100GE/400GE interfaces, so it can be applied to large-scale backbone networks.

    l  The ZXR10 T8000 supports multi-chassis interconnection to form a cluster system to linearly improve equipment capacity and smoothly upgrade the devices to the cluster, meeting the high-speed growth of network bandwidth.

    l  Line card chassis and central fabric chassis, power module, fan module, main control module adopt the universal design, and each card supports a mix of multi-rate interfaces, protecting customer investment.

    High-efficiency network

    l  Support SR/EVPN, simplified control plane and lower complexity of maintain and operating.

    l  Support BGP-LS, TWAMP/SQA, Telemetry and Netflow/IPFIX, truly achieving network service visualization.

    l  Support PCEP, BGP flowspec and Netconf/YANG, achieving traffic tuning and service deployment automatically.

    Secure network

    l  Adopt ROSng operating system, ensuring system security.

    l  Control plane hardware supports 5-level protection mechanism, defends all kinds of DDOS attacks, and ensures stable operation of control plane.

    l  ECMP/UCMP, LAG, BFD/CFM/EFM, LFA, FRR and <50ms fast switching ensure that the network is highly reliable.