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ZXR10 ZSR V2 Next-Generation Access Router

  • Smart router builds intelligent network

    ZXR10 ZSR V2 series router is the next generation intelligent access router product of ZTE, which integrates routing, switching, wireless, security and VPN gateway. The product adopts industry-leading hardware platform and software architecture to provide an intelligent and flexible platform for building efficient, reliable, flexible, and maintainable enterprise intelligence networks.

    ZXR10 ZSR V2 series routers includes ZXR10 1800-2S, 2800-4, 3800-8, and 200 fixed interface series, respectively, available 2/4/8/0 common service interface slot, can be widely used in government and enterprise network export gateway, corporate headquarters / branch access, mobile office, Financial network, industry network convergence / access and other networks.


    Based on modular and scalable platform ZXROS 5.0, developed with advanced design concepts and the latest technology, ZXR10 ZSR V2 series routers provide six key features which can meet intelligent communication needs of next-generation enterprises, like Cloud computing, BYOD, SDN, IPv6, IOT and so on.

    Strong Performance, Network Access without Bottlenecks

    ●  With advanced multi-core CPU, the forwarding performance is enhanced by up to 10 times compared with the previous access routers.
    ●  The largest number of fixed-GE interfaces in the industry to improve the user's investment cost.
    ●  Rich interface type and strong NAT performance, which can meet the requirements of enterprise egress network.

    Wired and wireless, access anytime and anywhere

    ●  The built-in 3G/LTE module and dedicated 3G/LTE interface card provide multiple flexible ways to meet the needs of various scenarios.
    ●  Smart Dial Control (SDC) provides wired and wireless link backup.
    ●  Multi-internet egresses, fully guarantee the business safety of export interconnection.

    All in one, Lower CAPEX

    ●  Integration of router, switch, firewall, VPN and NAT gateway.
    ●  L2TP, GRE, IPSec VPN, DMVPN, MPLS VPN and MPLS VPN over GRE, adapted for a different of VPN networking.
    ●  Support State Cryptography Administration security commercial code to ensure the safe transmission of data.*

    Flexible extension, smooth upgrade

    ●  Multi-tier performance engines, on-demand customization, saving investment costs.
    ●  Fully support various IPv6 transitional technologies including dual stack, tunneling and translation to enable smooth evolution to IPv6.
    ●  Support VXLAN, VXLAN over IPSec, VXLAN over GRE and other Overlay technologies and NETCONF, smooth evolution to the SDN network.

    Easy provision & maintenance, fast network deployment

    ●  Device configuration by USB drive or auto configuration with DHCP enables plug-and-play; batch device upgrade with USB drive or NMS enables easy management.
    ●  Advanced SQA, port mirroring and Netflow 1:1 sampling which provide explicit presentation of flow characteristics and provide effective monitoring methods for network control and operation.
    ●  Support WEB GUI to help network administrator to achieve fast business and efficient maintenance.

    Green and energy saving, bring a nature and serene network

    ●  Intelligent fan speed control technology makes the equipment silent and energy-saving.
    ●  Advanced chip technology increases performance and reduces energy consumption.
    ●  Intelligent off Idle boards, support EEE energy efficient Ethernet specification, can reduce energy consumption by 2/3.

    Note: * indicates that this feature is only available in the Chinese market.

    Click to download: ZXR10 ZSR V2 Series Router Datasheet.pdf & ZXR10 200 Series Router Datasheet.pdf