ZXONE 9700 Packet OTN Equipment

  • Overview

    The blow-out growth of data traffic brings huge bandwidth pressure to the transmission network. The operators feel urgent to introduce 100G or even beyond 100G technology. Meanwhile the rapid development of IP services and increasingly complicated network topology require the transmission network implement fast service provisioning and provide large-capacity, multi- granularity and multidirectional cross-connect scheduling capability. Therefore, the large-capacity cross-connect transmission equipment with 100G and beyond 100G transmission capability and packet switching function that can schedule ODUk granularity services flexibly and efficiently has become the focus of operators.

    Based on iOTN platform, ZTE launches 100G and beyond 100G oriented brand-new universal switching equipment – the ZXONE 9700 series product, which supports 10G/40G/100G/400G transmission rate. It can perform 28.8T/14.4T/9.2T/4.4T ODUk electrical layer switching and packet switching as well as 10G/40G/100G/400G-wavelength optical layer switching. It’s mainly applied in backbone core layer and local/metro networks, completely meeting the operators’ needs for transparent transmission, flexible scheduling, aggregation processing of large-granularity data services and service management monitoring.


    ZXONE 9700 S1 ZXONE 9700 S2 ZXONE 9700 S3 ZXONE9700 S6


    Product Features

    The largest capacity in the industry

    A single sub-rack supports the largest switching capacity and the maximum number of slots. The ZXONE 9700 supports 28.8 Tb/s of a single sub-rack at most (72 slots with 400Gb/s bandwidth per slot).

    Universal switching platform 
    The packet OTN architecture and brand-new All in One design can support OTN/Packet/VC universal switching. It can implement access, switching, and transmission of various service in a unified way. It greatly relieves IP bandwidth pressure and performs intelligent grooming of IP traffic.

    Support 400G
    By the advanced design, the ZXONE 9700 provides up to 400G bandwidth of a single slot, which can be configured with 400G line card directly, providing larger bearing capacity.

    Excellent 100G transmission performance
    The 100Gb/s system adopts PM-QPSK encoding and SD-FEC technology with good OSNR tolerance. The industry's most advanced DSP processing technology can support 60ps of PMD tolerance and 70000ps/nm of chromatic dispersion tolerance. The transmission distance can reach over 5,000 kilometers without electrical relay, which saves the investments and facilitates the maintenance.

    Highly-reliable system architecture
    The main control unit, power supply module, and clock unit support redundant 1+1 hot standby.
    The cross-connect unit uses advanced cubic protection, which is more than three orders of magnitude higher than common 1+1 protection. It greatly improves the security of the equipment.

    Green and energy-saving
    It adopts ASIC chips integrated with more functions so that it dramatically reduces overall PCB calorific value and energy consumption.
    With advanced electromechanical management system, it supports circuit and optical module area sleep, which effectively reduces the consumption of the idle module.
    Highly precise temperature measurement and intelligent cooling system can adjust fan speed in a real-time way based on the temperature value measured by the system. Thus it can reduce the system operation temperature as much as possible while controlling fan consumption.

    Flexible service access capability
    The client side boards support 100M-100G Any service access of STM-N, FE/GE/10GE/40GE/100GE, OTU1/2/3/4, DVB, ESCON and FC, etc.
    The universal service access card meets the multi-service hybrid transmission needs of the operators.

    Advanced bandwidth management
    The graphic bandwidth resource display and configuration system makes provisioning and maintenance easier.
    With the ASON control plane, it intelligently distributes bandwidth resource and provides real-time bandwidth alarms.

    Electrical and optical hybrid switching and intelligent scheduling

    The optical layer supports 2-20-degree ROADM, N*M WSS, directionless, colorless, and contentionless. It can implement automatic E2E configuration of wavelengths.
    The electrical layer supports electrical cross-connection of multi-granularity services including ODU0/1/2/2e/3/4/flex to achieve automatic E2E configuration of ODUk. 
    It supports WASON control plane in optical and electrical layer. It can perform integrated intelligent management and scheduling of packet, ODUk, and wavelength.
    With WASON loaded, it can implement intelligent control of optical layer and electrical layer dual plane to shorten service deployment time andprovide multiple recovery paths for key services, so as to enhance service survivability.

    Carrier-class reliable protection
    It supports many protection modes including fiber level, wavelength level, sub-wavelength level, and L2 protection.
    Fiber level: line 1+1 protection, optical multiplexing segment 1+1 protection
    Optical channel level: optical channel 1+1 protection
    ODUk level: ODUk 1+1 protection
    L2: Hierarchical Linear Protection, Shared Ring Protection, LAG Protection, Dual-homing Protection.


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