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ZXONE 8700 Product (The Chinese Market)

  • Overview
    ZXONE 8700 is the large-capacity cross connection equipment. It supports 10G/100G/400Gb/s, enabling large-capacity ODUk electrical cross connection and optical cross connection at wavelengths of 10G/100G/400Gb/s.

    Product Features
    Large-capacity ODUk electrical cross connection
    ● ZXONE 8700 supports large-capacity electrical cross connection of 0.8T/1.4T/2.8T/3.2T/9.4T and enables non-blocking electrical cross connection of multi-granularity services, including ODU0/1/2/2e/3/4/flex. It can be deployed at aggregation/core nodes in the network.
    OTDR function
    ● It is easy to measure fiber length and fiber attenuation and locate fiber broken point and fiber fusion point. Realtime query and detection in NMS make daily maintenance and troubleshooting easier. 
    O/E hybrid cross connection and intelligent dispatching
    ● The optical layer supports 2~20-degree ROADM, N*M WSS, directionless, colorless and contentionless. It can implement automatic E2E configuration of wavelengths.
    ● It supports WASON control plane in optical and electrical layer.
    Excellent 100G transport
    ● 100Gb/s system adopts PM-QPSK encoding and SD-FEC technology with good OSNR tolerance. 
    ● ZXONE 8700 supports beyond-100G optical networks with 400G per wavelength, providing larger transport capacity.
    PIC (photonic integrated circuit)
    ● Single subrack supports service access, cross connection, MUX/DEMUX, optical amplification, and clock processing & transport. The PIC technology reduces power consumption and makes the network cost-effective.
    ● The system supports 1588V2 and SyncE clock transport.
    ● High integration, eco-friendly and energy-saving
    ● 100G line-side boards support coherent CFP modules, greatly reducing power consumption of the system.

    Highly reliable system architecture

    ● The system adopts redundant 1+1 hot-standby for main control, power supply and clock units.

    ● The cross connection unit uses advanced cubic protection, which is higher than common 1+1 protection by three orders of magnitude. It greatly improves the security of the equipment.

    Reliable carrier-class protection

    ● The system supports fiber-level, λ-level, sub-λ-level and L2 protection modes:

    ● Fiber-level: line 1+1 protection, optical multiplex section 1+1 protection

    ● λ-level: optical channel 1+1 protection

    ● Sub-λ-level: ODUk 1+1 protection

    ● L2: ESR protection