ZXONE 19700 Product (The Chinese Market)

  • Overview
    ZTE launches 100G and beyond-100G oriented brand-new universal switching equipment – ZXONE 19700 series product, which supports 10G/40G/100G/400G/1T transmission rate. It can perform industry-leading large-capacity ODUk electrical-layer switching as well as 10G/40G/100G/400G/1T-wavelength optical-layer switching. It’s mainly applied to backbone core layer and local/metro networks, completely meeting the operators’ needs for transparent transmission, flexible scheduling, aggregation processing of large-granularity data services and service management monitoring.

    Product Features
    Large switching capacity and transmitting more services
    ● With industry-leading switching capacity, the equipment can transmit more services.
    Universal switching platform  

    ● The packet OTN architecture and brand-new All-in-One design support OTN/Packet/VC universal switching. It can implement access, switching, and transmission of various service in a unified way. It greatly relieves IP bandwidth pressure and performs intelligent grooming of IP traffic.

    Electrical and optical hybrid switching and intelligent scheduling

    ● The optical layer supports 2~32-degree ROADM, N*M WSS, directionless, colorless, and contentionless. It can implement automatic E2E configuration of wavelengths.

    ● The electrical layer supports electrical cross connection of multi-granularity services including ODU0/1/2/2e/3/4/flex to achieve automatic E2E configuration of ODUk. 

    Green and energy-saving

    ● Circuit and optical module area sleep and fan speed real-time adjustment functions greatly reduce system heat and energy consumption, minimizing system operating temperature.