ZXMP M820 Metro OTN Equipment

  • ZXMP M820 is a member of iOTN series targeting metro optical transmission network applications.It enables access of a wide variety of services, multi-layered service scheduling and smooth upgrade of system, delivers flexible and mature protection schemes and supports OTN, ROADM and WASON and L2 functions.ZXMP M820 can construct hybrid network with ZXMP M820 series high-capacity electrical cross-connect equipment and employ unified network management system to provide operators with cost-effective high-quality metro OTN networks.


    Product Features

    System specification

    ● Support 80/96x10G, 80/96x40G,80x100G and modular upgrade.

    100G performance

    ● 100Gb/s system adopts PM-QPSK modulation to support SD-FEC technology with good OSNR tolerance. 

    Three-dimensional traffic grooming

    ● Support 2-20 degree ROADM, and offer l-level cross-connect scheduling function;

    ● Support centralized cross connection at granularities of ODU0/1/2/2e/3/3e2/4/flex.

    ● Support L2 switching functions, such as aggregation, VLAN, QinQ and L2 QoS.

    ● Enable any service scheduling from electronic layer to photonic layer to enhance network flexibility.

    Self-adaptive multi-service access

    ● Support the client supports 100M-100G any service access: the access of STM-N, FE/GE/10GE/40GE/100GE, OTU1/2/3/4, DVB, ESCON and FC services.

    ● The universal service access board enables hybrid transmission of the operator’s multiple services.

    Complete network protection

    ● Provide perfect photonic layer and electronic layer protection schemes, in which, the unique and patented path shared protection technique realizes higher system wavelength utilization and lowered network construction investment.

    ● Photonic layer protection: path shared ring protection, multiplex section shared ring protection, sub-network connection protection, 1+1 multiplex section protection, optical line protection.

    ODUk layer protection: ODUk sub-network connection protection, ODUk shared ring protection.

    ● L2 protection: ESR Ethernet ring protection.

    Highly reliable system architecture

    ● Provide 1+1 backup for main control unit, power module unit, cross-connect unit, and common interface unit, and adopt high reliability design at sub-rack level and cross-sub-rack level.


    ● Support GMPLS-based WASON control plane, and enable auto-discovery of network resources and topology, auto-routing and auto-switching of signaling, as well as auto-setup of service route, fast end-to-end service provisioning, traffic grooming and traffic control, boosting network survivability and improving network resource utilization.

    Highly integrated and low power consumption

    ● A single cabinet supports 80 wavelengths, resulting in equipment room space saving and power consumption reduction and greatly lowering operation & maintenance expense.

    Smooth upgrade of system

    ● Support smooth upgrade from 10G system to 100G system.

    ● Support smooth upgrade of 100GHz->50GHz spacing.

    PIC (photonic integrated circuit)

    ● Single sub-rack can support service access, cross-connection, MUX/DEMUX, optical amplification, clock processing and transmission functions. By adopting PIC technology, lower power consumption and cost-effective can be realized.


    ● Support 1588V2 transmission and synchronous Ethernet transmission.

    Intelligent management of system

    ● Support APO automatic performance optimization to keep the system in optimal performance, drive down maintenance cost, and automatically adapt to changes of environmental parameters.

    ● Provide IWF, the patented centralized wavelength control technique to ensure wavelength stability in 50GHz- and 25GHz-spacing systems.

    ● ECC/DCC supports OSPF protocol, realizing auto-discovery of NE and automatic routing configuration and achieving good network scalability.


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