ZXMP M721 Metro Edge OTN Equipment - Optical Transport - ZTE Product
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ZXMP M721 Metro Edge OTN Equipment

  • ZXMP M721 is one of products for Metro Edge OTN solution. It features smart stature, big capability, low power consumption and high reliability. 

    ZXMP M721 DX62 sub-rack(DC input)  ZXMP M721 DX62 sub-rack(AC input)

    ZXMP M721 DX63 sub-rack(DC input) 

    ZXMP M721 CX63A sub-rack(DC input)  ZXMP M721 CX63A sub-rack(AC input)

    ZXMP M721 CX63A(E) sub-rack(DC input)  ZXMP M721 CX63A(E) sub-rack(AC input)

    ZXMP M721 CX66 sub-rack(DC input) 

    ZXMP M721 CX66A sub-rack(DC input)

    ZXMP M721 CX66A(E) sub-rack(DC input)

    ZXMP M721 OD60A (No power supply is required)

    Product Features

    High integration
    ● The ZXMP M721 is a highly integrated compact OTN product. Most of the boards occupy only one single slot. Subrack heights are  2RU (DX62), 3RU (DX63), 3RU (CX63A,CX66A(E)) and 6U (CX66, CX66A,CX66A(E)), which can effectively save room space and power consumption, thus significantly reducing operating and maintenance costs and adapting to the requirement for green environment protection.

    Powerful transmission performance
    ● 80×10G/100G/200G DWDM application and systems smooth upgrade 
    ● The DWDM system supports multi-span transmission without electrical repeaters (18×22dB, 7×30dB, 1×45dB etc.).

    A variety of access service types
    ● The ZXMP M721 can access any-rate services (2Mbit/s – 100Gbit/s), and supports intelligent identification. The ports can automatically identify service types.
    ● E1,STM-1/4/16/64; FE, GE, 10GE WAN, 10GE LAN, 100GE; 1G/2G/4G/8G/10G/16G FC, ESCON, FICON, DVB-ASI, SD-SDI/HD-SDI/3G-SDI; OTU1/2/2e/1f/1IB/4; eCPRI.

    Flexible service grooming

    ● M721 supports DSS (Distributed Service Switch platform) based on ODU0/1/flex. 
    ● Services aggregation:4-22×Any-rate-service→OTU2.

    Universal switching platform

    ● ZXMP M721 CX subrack adapt the packet OTN architecture. The brand-new All-in-One design can support OTN/Packet/VC universal switching. It can access, switch and transmit various services in a unified way. The total switching capacity of the switching subrack CX66A(E) is 2.8T.

    ROADM Optical Scheduling
    ● The ZXMP M721 adopts the WSS component to groom services at the 2~9-degree optical layer, supports wavelength adding/dropping, pass-through, broadcast and optical power equalization functions, and is applicable to 10G/100G/200G wavelength-level service scheduling. The configurable ROADM functions include colored/colorless, directional/directionless, and flex grid to meet different customer requirements. In addition, the ROADM dimension and the number of wavelengths can be improved smoothly to protect customer investment.

    APO Function

    ● The ZXMP M721 supports APO function based on the OCH layer and the OMS section.

    OTDR Intelligent Fiber Detection
    ● The ZXMP M721 supports OTDR, which used to detect fiber length, fiber attenuation, fiber disconnection point and fiber fusion splicing point. It also supports real-time query and detection of NMS. One board can detect 4 directions at the same time.

    Optical Performance Detection Technology
    ● The ZXMP M721 has an optical performance monitoring board that can measure the parameters of each optical channel, such as optical power, central wavelength and OSNR, and send the corresponding data to the NM system.
    ● The ZXMP M721 supports inband/outband 1588V2 transmission, synchronous Ethernet transmission.
    Reliable protection
    ● The ZXMP M721 supports 1+1 protection of the main control board, clock board, cross-connect board and power board. It also supports optical MS 1+1 protection, OCH 1+1 protection, The boards support built-in line-side 1+1 protection,client side 1+1 protection, ODUk 1+1 protection,VC SNCP protection,MSP 1+1 protection,MSP Ring protection, ESR protection,ERPS protection, LAG protection, MPLS-TP tunnel 1+1/1:1 protection and MPLS-TP PW 1+1/1:1 protection.